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The program: Engineering Leadership Development Program (ELDP) is an intense two year program for people who have a passion for technology, a drive for technical excellence, and share Xylem's desire to solve the world's toughest resource challenges. The program is designed to accelerate professional development through technical and leadership training and a variety of business-critical assignments.
Are you looking for an Opportunity of a lifetime?
Do you love technology and want a career in engineering? Then the Xylem Engineering Leadership Development Program is for you. The Engineering Leadership Development Program is a two year program consisting of three rotational assignments which are driven by real business priorities. The program includes Continuous Improvement training, formal presentations to senior leadership, and valuable leadership training. The Rotational assignments are intended to provide a broad exposure to the engineering field leading to successful off program placement. The program consist of 12 ELDP members that are located all over the world! The program will start in June 2020.


• Plan and perform assigned tasks within the framework of program rotation
• Complete assignment objectives on schedule, within budget, with higher than expected quality while maintaining accuracy and thoroughness
• Demonstrate ability to understand and apply engineering fundamentals in the business environment
• Demonstrate analytical / problem solving skills.
• Propose new analyses, techniques and methodologies with respect to specific area of responsibility where applicable
• Complete program training and a required green belt project


• Master's degree in Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analytics or Software Engineering
• GPA greater than or equal to 3.0/4.0 overall
• Strong commitment to a career in technology and a passion for engineering
• Analytical approach to problem solving
• Ability to lead and work in teams
• Prior internship, co-op or research experience

Above that to be successful in this role you must have excellent people and communications skills; able to influence and motivate others cross functionally and geographically. You take initiatives and have good skill in creating and developing long lasting relations. You are driven, structured and like team work and to create results through that team. The work environment encourages open dialogues and a continuous improvement mind set.

Are you up for this opportunity?
https://ex.cndarine.com/campaign/url/fo ... 23a12757ea

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